Vicarious Trauma Training Brisbane

Organisational Psychologists based in Brisbane to help your business and your employees build resilience.

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Many workplaces undertake roles that can lead to their employees experiencing vicarious trauma or Aggressive Customer. This could be through both initial shock or cumulative exposure.

Building resilience and understanding the impacts around exposure to a traumatic event is crucial in any workplace to ensure the employees are mentally safe and can work effectively.

GRIT Consultancy offers a boutique training option for Vicarious Trauma that is tailored to your company and their objectives. It is a bespoke course focused on employee well being and business practices and procedures.

We offer 1 and 2 hour training packages specifically designed for your industry to build your employee resilience.

We also understand that employee training is treating the symptom not the cause. This is why our Organisational Psychologists will work with your leadership team to build company policy's and procedures to improve the way your business operates when faced with trauma.

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